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lg 32gn650 vs samsung g5If you are looking for computer monitor and confused between lg 32gn650 and samsung g5, then you have come to the right place. Read on!

LG 32GN650 vs Samsung G5 – The LG 32GN650 and Samsung G5 are popular gaming monitors with slight differences. The LG 32GN650 boasts a 32-inch display with a 144Hz refresh rate, providing smooth visuals for gaming.

Meanwhile, the Samsung G5 features a 27-inch display with a higher 240Hz refresh rate, offering an ultra-smooth gaming experience.

Both monitors support AMD FreeSync Premium for tear-free gaming. Choose the LG 32GN650 for a larger screen, or opt for the Samsung G5 if you prioritize a higher refresh rate for competitive gaming.

Comparison: LG 32GN650 vs Samsung G5

Here’s a comparison table between the LG 32GN650 and Samsung G5 gaming monitors.

Feature LG 32GN650 Samsung G5
Buy Buy on Amazon Buy on Amazon
Display Size 32 inches 27 inches
Resolution QHD (2560×1440) QHD (2560×1440)
Panel Type IPS VA
Refresh Rate 144Hz 240Hz
Response Time 1ms (GTG) 1ms (MPRT)
Adaptive Sync AMD FreeSync Premium AMD FreeSync Premium
Color Gamut DCI-P3 95% 125% sRGB
Brightness 350 cd/m² 250 cd/m²
Contrast Ratio 1000:1 2500:1
Viewing Angles 178 degrees (H/V) 178 degrees (H/V)
Connectivity 2x HDMI, 1x DisplayPort 2x HDMI, 1x DisplayPort, 1x Headphone Jack
VESA Mount Compatibility Yes Yes
Price Varies Varies

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Difference: LG 32GN650 vs Samsung G5

The LG 32GN650 and Samsung G5 gaming monitors have several differences. Here’s a breakdown of their key distinctions:

1. Display Size

  • The LG 32GN650 offers a larger 32-inch display, providing a more immersive gaming experience and ample screen space for multitasking.
  • The Samsung G5 has a slightly smaller 27-inch display, which may be preferred by those who prefer a more compact setup.

2. Panel Type

  • The LG 32GN650 features an IPS panel, ensuring wide viewing angles and accurate colors.
  • The Samsung G5, on the other hand, has a VA panel, offering better contrast ratios and deeper blacks but potentially slightly narrower viewing angles.

3. Refresh Rate

  • The LG 32GN650 has a 144Hz refresh rate, while the Samsung G5 boasts a higher 240Hz refresh rate.
  • The Samsung G5’s higher refresh rate can provide smoother motion in fast-paced games and reduce motion blur.

4. Response Time

  • Both monitors have a fast response time of 1ms (GTG) for minimal motion blur during gaming.

5. Color Gamut

  • The LG 32GN650 covers approximately 95% of the DCI-P3 color gamut, providing excellent color accuracy.
  • The Samsung G5 offers approximately 125% sRGB coverage, which may result in more vibrant colors for multimedia tasks.

6. Brightness

  • The Samsung G5 has a lower brightness rating of 250 cd/m² compared to the LG 32GN650’s 350 cd/m². Higher brightness can enhance visibility in well-lit environments.

7. Contrast Ratio

  • The Samsung G5 boasts a higher contrast ratio of 2500:1, which can lead to more pronounced differences between dark and bright areas on the screen, enhancing image depth.

8. Connectivity

  • Both monitors offer similar connectivity options, including HDMI and DisplayPort ports. The Samsung G5 also includes a headphone jack for convenient audio connections.

9. Price

  • The prices of the monitors may vary depending on your location and the specific retailer.

In summary, the key differences between the LG 32GN650 and Samsung G5 are the display size, panel type, refresh rate, color gamut coverage, brightness level, contrast ratio, and specific design features.

The LG 32GN650 offers a larger screen and an IPS panel with good color accuracy, while the Samsung G5 provides a higher refresh rate and contrast ratio, potentially appealing to gamers seeking ultra-smooth visuals and deep blacks. Choose based on your specific gaming and multimedia needs.

Personal Recommendation (Editor’s Choice)

Here we have provided the overall comprehensive analysis of lg 32gn650 vs samsung g5. The computer monitor that we would recommend our users to purchase is lg 32gn650.

LG 32GN650
Screen Size: 32 Inches
Display Resolution Maximum: 2560 x 1440 Pixels
Brand: LG
Refresh Rate: 165 Hz
Buy on Amazon

FAQs: LG 32GN650 vs Samsung G5

What are the main differences between the LG 32GN650 and Samsung G5 monitors?

The main differences between the LG 32GN650 and Samsung G5 monitors are their brand, panel types, design aesthetics, and additional features.

The LG 32GN650 typically features an IPS (In-Plane Switching) panel, providing better color accuracy and wider viewing angles.

In contrast, the Samsung G5 may come with a VA (Vertical Alignment) panel, offering better contrast and deeper blacks. Additionally, they might have variations in design, bezel size, and stand features, depending on specific model variants.

Which monitor is better for gaming and fast-paced applications?

Both the LG 32GN650 and Samsung G5 monitors are designed for gaming and fast-paced applications.

The choice between the two depends on your gaming preferences and priorities. The LG 32GN650 with its IPS panel may offer better color accuracy and wider viewing angles, providing an immersive gaming experience.

On the other hand, the Samsung G5 with its VA panel could offer better contrast and black levels, enhancing dark scenes in games.

Gamers seeking vibrant colors may prefer the LG monitor, while those who prioritize contrast may lean towards the Samsung monitor.

Do these monitors differ in screen size and resolution?

Both the LG 32GN650 and Samsung G5 monitors typically offer the same screen size of 32 inches, providing a large display for immersive gaming and multimedia experiences.

As for resolution, they usually offer the same QHD (2560 x 1440) resolution, ensuring clear and detailed visuals suitable for gaming and content consumption.

Are there any differences in connectivity options and ports?

The connectivity options and ports of the LG 32GN650 and Samsung G5 monitors are generally similar, offering standard options like HDMI and DisplayPort for video input.

However, specific model variants might have variations in available ports. Always check the official product specifications or descriptions to confirm the exact connectivity options and features offered by each monitor.

Which monitor is more suitable for productivity and office use?

Both monitors are well-suited for productivity and office use due to their large screen size and high resolution.

The LG 32GN650 with its IPS panel might provide better color accuracy and wider viewing angles, making it a favorable choice for tasks that require precise color representation and consistent visuals from different angles.

The Samsung G5 with its VA panel could excel in tasks that benefit from high contrast, such as working with spreadsheets or viewing charts. The choice depends on your specific office tasks and preferences.

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